FPC’s area sensors FPC1011F3 is the largest sensor which is the best fit for Time & Attendance machine.
And the latest launch FPC-BM module is the best one for it.

It can be used in the door locks and Time & Attendance machine. Its innovative multi-spectral FPC fingerprint sensor reads the ridges of the finger, increases biometric performance by ensuring security and reliability.

FPC fingerprint sensor technology eliminates enrollment problems with spoofing free detection, and provides access by accuracy. No one else other than you, can copy your fingerprint and use it to gain access to your home, office etc. It is a very effective and cost-efficient entry system because it allows only authorized users to gain access, and there is no worry about that lost keys problem. So it’s time to say bye-bye to Keys to enter in your home.

Why Need FPC Fingerprint Sensor Security?

Features: Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) provides the most secure and convenient Biometric fingerprint technology available today for securing user access to any system like time-attendance, door lock and other fingerprint security. Biometric security guarantees a positive method of user identification with something that cannot be lost, replicated or stolen.

Swedish company FPC is the manufacturer of capacitive sensors and developed effective Biometric Area Fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3 for time attendance solution by creating the world without keys-Passwords. Employees simply place a finger on the reader window, which quickly captures and transforms the biometric data into a secure and non-invasive algorithm. The information is automatically encrypted to a data string that confirms the identity of the employee, without violating employee privacy, and don’t worry about of losing keys & forgetting passwords.

These complete solutions add to the best security available for protecting and control your unauthorized area Access. Fingerprint access control software allow user to do hardware settings, door security access permission, time attendance calculation and reporting. It can be useful for tracking student attendance and identify fraudulent behavior for students trying to cheat the system.

Highly accurate, protecting many fingerprint based applications & providing Smartphone security worldwide.

Benefits of fingerprint Access system

— No need of card punching as FPC fingerprint sensor can uniquely identify each person
— Save time and no error – software automated time attendance calculation
— Save cost – no need to stock up punch cards
— Easy integration with 3rd party time attendance or payroll software
— Higher accuracy

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