Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) has announced that its touch fingerprint sensor FPC1025 features in the new Lenovo Smartphone’s series VIBE A7010.

Lenovo has recently launched the Lenovo VIBE A7010 smartphone that comes with the Fingerprint sensor. It sports some good mid-range specs and affordable phone. FPC1025 supports 360 degree finger rotation capability, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality. The phone can be repeatedly unlocked in less than a second with a simple touch – even when your fingers are wet or dry.

Lenovo recently selected capacitive touch fingerprint sensor feature in Vibe K4 smartphone; the fingerprint touch sensor worked accurately and benefit from safe and easy password-free login.

The Lenovo Vibe series addresses increasing demand to use smartphones for mobile payments and highly secure and convenient mobile payments confidence in Biometric security with the support of FPC fingerprint authentication solution, FPC technology and platform highly secure fingerprint authentication becomes prevalent on Smartphone’s, the entire process are most convenience for consumers. You can also lock/unlock smartphone apps without a PIN or pattern, will benefit from safe and reliable user authentication based on fingerprint ID. It’s much more difficult for someone to crack your fingerprint ID, unless they chop off your finger, of course.

Features of FPC1025 Touch Sensor

• Small Size
• Compact and easy to integrate
• Robustness
• Flexible design with different outlines
• Ultra-low power consumption
• Best Performance and 360-degree rotation
• High sensitivity

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