Public Wifi Solutions

Safe, Secure and Revenue generating WiFi Network

Wi-Fi Internet or Wireless Internet network service providers are actively involved in grabbing each and every opportunity in the evolving market. With increasing number of Wi-Fi users all over the globe, demand for higher bandwidth and advanced services are unending. Wireless service providers are trying to make all possible efforts to cater the needs of their users at reasonable and cost-effective rates. And in this cut-throat competitive market, WiFi Service providers need comprehensive and cost-effective solution which allows them to swiftly deploy, expand network, offer advanced service and achieve return of investment (ROI).
Public Wi-fi Solutions
Ashtopus Wi-Fi/Wireless network systems provide end-to-end solutions that help service providers and hoteliers with,

  • Fast-track deployment
  • Speedy penetration in the Wi-Fi market
  • Least capital investment with cost-effective solutions
  • Market oriented advanced features for users
  • Immediate revenue generation

Our solution is easy to set-up and install in Wi-Fi network, laid down at large corporate,university,hotspots, café etc providing intranet as well as internet services. Ashtopus Wi-Fi solution offers various options for introducing pre-paid and post-paid packages based on hours/days, data usage and time. We enable multiple billing options as well as allows online payments, which reduces revenue leakage and operational costs. At the same it offers secured and safe network, allowing providers to have a widely distributed network across cities and countries.

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