On Board Wifi

Enjoy WiFi while travelling in Bus

Equipping a bus or coach with a broadband connection means that passengers can benefit from an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot service, enabling them to check email and surf the web during their journey. The service works like any fixed hotspot in a hotel, coffee shop or airport; research has shown that Wi-Fi Internet access is popular on journeys as short as fifteen minutes making it suitable for urban commuter routes as well as intercity connections.

On Board WiFi Solution
On Board WiFi Solution designed by Ashtopus provides

  • Multi SIM High End Mobile Broadband Gateway( MBG)
  • Efficient User Management & Authentication process as per GOI norms
  • Backend controller to manage bandwidth/Time based usage control
  • Live steaming of Video/TV channels for the passengers
  • Location Based Marketing/Advertising

This can help you generate business and revenue while providing high-end service to attract more customers. As per the survey abroad, it is found that passengers prefer to opt for buses which are wifi connected.Ask our representative for more details.

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