Enterprise WiFi Solutions

The confluence of the “IoT” mobility explosion, the emergence of Wi-Fi as the primary access layer, the efficiencies of cloud services, and the decentralization of the corporate office through home-shoring, teleworkers,micro-branches and partnering, are the trends forcing enterprises to reevaluate their network’s access architecture. Ashtopus’ solutions address these trends and technologies and help to enhance enterprise productivity, while at the same time reduce the cost and complexity of today’s networks

Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Ashtopus WiFi provides indoor WLAN solutions to organizations as per standards of the IT world, saving money while enhancing productivity byenabling enterprise-wide mobility. Ashtopus offers all the components in a complete end-to-end wireless solution – including seamless integration and management of all components – your enterprise WLAN can be integrated with wireless backhaul products for the most flexible and scalable wireless systems available.

Why Ashtopus?

Extends or replaces your wired LAN for instant network access anywhere Significantly reduces the cost and complexity of moves, adds and changes Converged voice, video and data with all the benefits of mobility Distributed solution enables ultimate scalability, while maintaining centralized management ,Ask Ashtopus Representative to provide more detail.

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