Wi-Fi Solutions

Ashtopus Technologies provides WiFi solutions for schools, colleges, universities, hotels, Retails in India. Be it a B-School, Engineering College, International School, University, Training institute, we offer the best-in-class Campus WiFi to suit the unique needs of educational organizations in India.

  • Campus WiFi : Schools and Universities, Training Centers
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Resorts
  • Hotspots: Restaurants, café’s & Fast food
  • Enterprise WiFi Solution : SMES
  • Retails
  • Onboard WiFi : Buses, Cabs
  • Enterprise Wifi Solutions

    ASHTOPUS PROVIDES enterprise grade 802.11ac Wi-Fi access solution embedded with the industry’s top-rated wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIPS) capabilities in a single AP platform. By embedding the industry’s most robust WIPS security capabilities in every AP, enterprises now have a truly secure enterprise class Wi-Fi solution without the incremental cost and complexity of deploying a dedicated overlay WIPS solution for full time detection and prevention of wireless threats. Additional capabilities include integrated firewall, traffic shaping and QoS capabilities for optimal security, bandwidth management, and application delivery.

    ASHTOPUS Wi-Fi offers multiple deployment options and a customizable HTML management interface, giving enterprises complete control and maximum flexibility in deploying and securing their Wi-Fi networks. Network administrators can monitor and managed all Wi-Fi networks including those in remote officer from a centralized console.

    • High performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi for bandwidth intensive applications
    • Quality of service controls give priority to critical mobile applications
    • BYOD device on-boarding for employee smart devices
    • Embedded WIPS minimized network disruptions and protect corporate data
    • Centralized administration to manage both campus and remote offices
    • Hospitality: Hotels, Resorts

      (Hotspots: Restaurants, café’s & Fast food)

      ASHTOPUS Hospitality Internet Access offers advance access controllers with fully furnished guest management features and internet billing functions for hoteliers and single or chain of hotspots. ASHTOPUS Hospitality Internet Access is pre-integrated with famous property management systems in the market with industry standard features like pre-paid voucher management, zero configurations, guest management etc. required in hospitality segment. ASHTOPUS Hospitality Internet Access is highly flexible and plug-n-play solution that offers high speed Internet experience to guests and visitors at small and large hospitality/hotspot locations. Hotels can easily promote their business as ASHTOPUS is an industry leading solution supporting Wired, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VSAT technologies.

      ASHTOPUS comprehensive solution for hospitality internet access is delivered in robust appliance based form with loaded features like,

      • SMS
      • Payments
      • Access Controller
      • PMS Integration
      • Seamless Roaming*
      • Vlan Teggies
      • Websurfing Logs
      • Walking Coupon
      • Netcapture
      • Zero Configuration Networking
      • Captive Portal Capabilities
      • User friendly & Attractive GUI

      • Contact Us for more WiFi solutions like Campus WiFi for Training Centers, Schools and Universities etc.

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