Remote Site Solutions

Remote Site Video Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance for those industries which are operated at remote location such as Oil and Gas industries is a challenging task. For security team and administration monitoring such locations remotely is a need to avoid any hazardous incidents and minimization of travel time. To handle such situations video surveillance products for remote site is the solution.Remote surveillance allows owners, operators, security personnel, and management to keep a close eye on the site.

Remote Site solutions
Video surveillance for remote sites provides proactive live monitoring to avoid any suspicious activity. Theft cases at rooftops, parking lots and other places can also be monitored. Expenses on live guards can also be reduced.

For implementation of video surveillance at remote locations equipment which are specifically designed for hazardous locations, weather conditions, with low power consumption and able to bear different temperatures with constrained bandwidth are being used. These systems include HD camera with live streaming of high resolution video which are capable to capture object in motion and night vision.

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