On Board Video Surveillance

Ashtopus Technologies is specialized agency in implementing On Board Video Surveillance and GPS tracking on the buses.

What is On Board Video Surveillance?

  • Live monitoring while the vehicle is in transit
  • View inside and outside of the Vehicle
  • Track multiple parameters related to Vehicle ( GPS, Telematics)
  • Track people access entry/exit in Vehicle ( Cash vans/Secured Vehicles)

On Board Surveillance Solution GPS

Benefits of On Board Video Surveillance?

  • Keeping the vehicle and passengers safe
  • Enabling quick response/action in case of mishap or emergency
  • Increased surveillance leading to lesser crimes
  • Drivers under control
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Loss Prevention
  • Vandalism Deterrence
  • Employee safety
  • Public Safety
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Identify bullies, vandals and other offenders
  • Document chain of events
  • Substantiate or refute claims

AshView: Ashtopus OBVS Solution

  • Onboard surveillance with multiple Vandal proof CCTV Cameras installed inside each Vehicle connected to a Black-box with Adequate storage capacity
  • Recording of the video footage at vehicle level and at server level ( Manual/auto back up system).
  • Live viewing of the video feed from central command center
  • Live GPS tracking of the entire fleet on a single platform

AshView: Unique Ashtopus Rental Plan

  • No Capex : Zero cost of investing capital upfront for the fleet of buses.
  • No Set Up Cost: Zero cost against installation of the system.
  • No Maintenance Charges: Zero cost for two years against service, repair and maintenance.
  • No Replacement Cost: No cost for replacing defective hard disk and defective device.
  • No CMS Charges: Free login to view bus location and video as additional option.
  • Free System Health check up: No cost for periodic Health Check of the installed system.
  • Free On-Site Service: Service Support at site level at no charge

Public Bus, Taxis, Car Rentals, Tourist Bus, Delivery Van, Courier Trucks, Police Van, Cash Van.

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