Multi Site Solutions

Multi Site Video Surveillance Solutions

Industries such as Oil refineries faces tough surveillance challenges for monitoring the hazardous and explosive containing areas, areas to monitor corrosion in equipments. Remote monitoring and sophisticated video integration to safety and security related alarm systems are also a challenge faced by these industries. Comprehensive security solutions for process plants, refineries, platforms became a need. A centralised monitoring system for multiple sites monitoring from one location can be done by Multi-site Video Surveillance solutions.
Multi-site Surveillance solutions
This system provides:

  • Proper management of expanding video system at multiple and remote locations as well as the storage of data.
  • access mechanism should be implemented to provide secure access from multiple locations.
  • Ease of management and flexibility of video surveillance system for multi-site deployment.
  • Central access control and storage allocation tools are necessary for multi site surveillance.
  • Ensurance of real-time video streaming from remote monitoring stations. Qos must be ensured.

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