Video Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance solutions used for remotely access public places, hospitals, defence areas needs to be monitored 24*7. The monitoring can be done by CCTV cameras which have recording features. Monitoring is important to make the place secure from mishappenings such as terror activities, thefts, robbery etc.

A video surveillance or remote monitoring technology use for keeping track of people activity, moving vehicle and assets, it determine their geo locations, and insert them into dynamic scene visualization. It’s also helps for prevention and detection data or unauthorized entry.
Video surveillance solutions

Ashtopus Technologies video surveillance solution achieving the following goals:

  • These system better understanding and identify human activates, including segmentation and tracking of articulated body parts;
  • Best quality video surveillance system for auto retrieve mechanisms to support 24/7 system operations;
  • It will better detection and prevention live tracing events and activities;
  • Good Video system depend on CCTV cameras quality a better camera control to enable smooth object tracking at high zoom;
  • And acquisition and selection of “best views” with the eventual goal of recognizing individuals in the scene.

Ashtopus Tech offers end to end video surveillance solutions that developed robust routines for detecting and tracking moving objects deter crime and theft action.

Video system classified in two phase first one and recognized and detection moving object and next one object tracking. You can watch anywhere anytime and remotely access object simply install better quality software and hardware setup and view live video streaming from any internet-connected device.

Importance of Video Surveillance Solutions

  • Protects and monitors access to buildings, physical assets, employees and customers.
  • Prevents criminal action.
  • Monitors and deters activity.
  • Investigates a crime.
  • Cost reduction and full surveillance with fewer personnel.
  • Flexibility to escalate system to unlimited number of cameras.

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