Time Attendance Solutions

Ashtopus Technologies offer solutions for automated time and attendance management software which is a cost effective system, easily manageable and able to track employees record online. This access control system is an automatic attendance marking system and its information can be used to process payroll accurately in small to medium scale organization. This system can be easily integrated with the following biometric modalities.

Time-Attendance Solutions

What is the need of time attendance system?

  • To manage employee presence and attendance, time attendance is the fastest and safest method
  • Convenient and cost saving way of time tracking
  • Efficient and easiest way of recording attendance
  • Payroll record can be easily managed
  • Time attendance record can be generated on-demand
  • Leave can be easily managed through time-attendance machine
  • To facilitate remote and flexible working
  • To reduce Absenteeism and improve punctuality


  • Schools/ colleges
  • Offices or workplaces and in different industries

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