Telematics Solutions

Vehicle leaving road or driven on unmettled road

Do you want to know how many times your truck/bus or Cabs are driven off the road.Each time the vehicle comes out of the mettled road it increases its wear and tears. Ashtopus Technologies has a solution which will not only alert the driver every time vehicle of off the road but also capture data at the central server and helps you understand the each trip. The cumulative data can be analyzed to predict the wear & tear of the vehicle and help reduce the impact over a period of time

Track your Driver’s driving behaviour with real time voice feedback

With the massive growth in India’s cab market, there is a shortage of the good quality drivers. Ashtopus Technologies offers a unique solution which givesimmediate feedback to driver for sharp cornering, harsh breaking, sudden acceleration, off road driving, wrong gear driving etc. A MUST HAVE device for all cab companies.

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