With the dawn of the new era of semiconductor industry which is fast pace and ever changing, what is seen as differentiating is the spectrum of SW offering which can exist with HW to provide a bouquet of offerings.

Portaibiity, scalability and maintainability ared key pillers of SW which thrives in Ashtopus. Based upon this principle Ashtopus team has build its key areas of expertize.

  • Automotive
  • Wireless
  • Multimedia
  • Connectivity
  • Apps and UI
  • Platform Porting and BSP
  • Microcontrollers and Sensors


We aim to bring the cutting edge automotive technology to market and providing turnkey solutions to our partners and clients. Our expert team will provide you comprehensive services scaling from strategy consultancy to short term but highly technical R & D pilot projects to derivative and copy projects. This offering extends to maintenance and system integration support along with helping our client with staffing needs.

Connected cars

Intelligent movement of vehicles is the need of the hour. Connectivity is the key to this. Our software solutions will help connect not only the cars but also its driver. We are also working deep into Driver assist system and much more. So let’s collaborate to reach next level.

Beyond Infotainment

We collaborate and engage with tier 1 companies to take car infotainment to next level. We work to bring to reality the dream of vehicle to vehicle communication through Wi-Fi and hence data sharing and provide a next level Multimedia experience. We also work to connect our smartphones to our cars and much beyond that.

digital signage general


Wireless and embedded SW sector is the key industry in semiconductors. We understand this and our offerings reflect this essence.
Increase your business value from our embedded offerings. Our embedded SW offers specialist support in IT Multimedia, connectivity, applications and Systems Integration. We can help and cater at various levels by providing consultancy services which can range from building partnership with clients and customer for various R&D projects to fulfilling staffing needs.
Key highlights of our embedded space offering.


Multimedia is the heart of any wireless embedded system and same is the thinking of Ashtopus. We have good understanding of the following key aspects. Codec Integrations: we have deep expertise of audio video codec integrations.
Multimedia Middleware: Proficient know how of Multimedia Middleware and OpenMAX. This includes Android Stagefright, GStreamer, and Windows DirectShow.
Display and Graphics: Good understanding of display HAL and display driver integration. Composition 2D&3D. GPU Profiling and GPU platform integration.
Camera and Imaging: we have experienced professionals having understanding of Camera HAL and camera application.


At Ashtopus we think connectivity is sense of any embedded SW, hence we have nurtured and created a good know how in this area. We do development and support for BT and WLAN software stack. Addition to that we have good understanding of Miracast standard and have successfully delivered both source and sink integration for Android.

Apps and UI

We have good understanding of Android applications FW which can be useful from mobiles to wearable to automotive to google cast.

Ready to use Strong Android experience which can be usable across verticals like mobiles automotive and wearable and not to forget the M2M and IoT use case. Good expertise of Linux and Android add spectrum to our portfolio.

Platform Porting and BSP

The expertise ranges from porting Android for mobile devices to set-top boxes. We also have knowhow of migration from one android release to another. Ashtopus is also involved in development of device drivers and porting open source components.

Systems Integration

System Integration and Customer support

We at Ashtopus think that system integration build and test is very important for any SW delivery. We have strong expertise of system integration and which ranges from build management to release management.We help in automating and build and test execution phase and hence reducing the execution time.

Having served most of the Tier 1 wireless company and having executed many projects for Tier1 mobile phone makers we are apt for doing customer support and successful execution of projects from Project kick off to mass production.

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