Fingerprint Recognition

Biometric Fingerprint Recognition System

Ashtopus Technologies Fingerprint Recognition System is suitable for medium to large size organizations. The solution provides excellent matching speed with highest accuracy level. The FAR/FRR is configurable to get the best result.

Fingerprint recognition is very popular in biometric system as fingerprint remains unchanged throughout the life of a person. Fingerprints are unique in nature and fingerprints of one person are different from another person’s fingerprints. It can be used in access control mechanism and for attendance system. Fingerprint images can be captured by different methods but image taken by an optical scanner are of the highest quality and reliable too.

Biometric Fingerprint Recognition

Application Areas of Fingerprint Recognition

  • Voter registration and identification.
  • Border control via passport verification by using biological parameters.
  • Population census by using biometrics.
  • Driver’s license and professional ID card verification with biometric identifiers.

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