Facial Recognition

Biometric Facial Recognition System

Ashtopus Technologies facial recognition system is suitable for many applications, especially when taking into account its convenience for user. Customer requires webcam only to run the application. The solution can work on PC/ Android/ iOS devices in a single PC or multi-locations environment. The solutions provide live face detection and fast identification method. The FAR /FRR is configurable to achieve the best accuracy in the large database.

Facial recognition is a biometric application use for individual identification “Ashtopus technologies” provide facial detection and verification products & solutions for high level authentication. A Facial device integrated with biometric feature and use high-end hardware and software components to automatically identify or verify person from a digital image by analyzing and comparing patterns. Facial identification system read and compares facial features extracted from an image those previously stored in database.

Biometric Facial Recognition Solutions

These biometric systems work with numeric codes called faceprints and identify 80 nodal points on a human face. Nodal points are end points to help analysis variables of a person’s face, such as the length or width of the nose, the depth of the eye sockets and the shape of the cheekbones and many more.

Face Recognition Classified into Two Types:

(i) Face verification (or authentication)-Face verification (”Am I who I say I am?”) is a one-to-one match that compares a query face image against a template face image whose identity is being claimed.

(ii) Face identification (or recognition)-Face identification (”Who am I?”) is a one-to-many matching process that compares a query face image against all the template images in a face database to determine the identity of the query face.

Application Areas Facial Recognition

  • Facial recognition has been used in many application areas for security access control such as public & private buildings, residential areas,airports/seaports ,hospitals, museums, harbors, manufacturing plants,chemical plants and pharmaceutical, restricted access to R&D departments.
  • ATM machines and border checkpoint or personal use of it for computer, laptop, smartphones and network security.
  • Visitor Management
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Military and Civilian Installations

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