Biometrics Solutions

Biometrics Solutions offer high level identification management security operations that have several advantages over traditional means and now they are available to you at lower costs. Biometrics refers to the automated recognition of individuals based on their physiological and/or behavioral characteristics.

Physiological Traits– Commonly recognized these factor such as face, fingerprints, IRIS, hand or finger vein patterns, and DNA.

Behavioral Traits-Commonly recognized these factor such as signature, keystroke dynamics, and gait. Some traits, such as voice, these feature offer unique and accurate identification methods.

Biometric features can’t be easily stolen by unauthorized persons or hacker, which means only the authorized person access restricted section/area.

Biometrics Solutions
To control access to unauthorized person to any confidential area, attendance management system, airport, authentication is necessary. Biometric System is the solution to enhance this security mechanism. Biometric system implements facial recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint analysis, etc. These physical features are captured and input in the system for further matching. Biometric system is considered to be useful for enhancement in security system as every individual have unique physical features and can be uniquely distinguished from another individual. integrated Biometric device can be easily used without any training, they do their job quickly, reliably and uniformly.

Biometric technology has wide applications such as in Airport, cars, blood banks, schools and in building, to provide access to a machine.

Ashtopus Technologies provide biometric solutions for

  • Security enhancements by person identification
  • Controlled access

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