Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Beacon Based Marketing

Low-powered transmitters enable push notifications or messages containing offerings etc to mobile devices on which application are running in close proximity are known as Beacons.
iBeacon is Bluetooth LE technology took by Apple.
BLE is supported by Google in their latest version of Android.
How does Beacons Works

How does beacon work?

The beacon broadcasts Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals through built-in antennas. Smart devices in range receive those signals and responses or actions are produced by the installed apps. Full access to beacon ownership is granted by beacon software. Security and other services are enabled by this software.

Got worried about battery discharging due to beacon software?

BLE is a low energy signal which can consume 1,000 mAh power in few hours. Thus enjoy shopping without getting worried about battery discharging..
Beacons & endless business opportunities

  • Restaurants & Food Chains
  • In Retail Stores
  • Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Event Halls
  • Museums
  • Airports & Metro Rail Systems
  • Retail Banking
  • Educational Institutions

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