Wireless Routers

A router is a networking device that is used to connect multiple networks together. Router has more features than hub or a switch. It is a multi-port device that routes packets along the network by the chosen path. It is a Layer 3 gateway device which operates at network layer of OSI model. Routers support filtering and encapsulation.

Wireless Routers Online

Router is capable to analyze the data being sent over network and how it is being packaged. It also regulates the authority to access the computer systems. Whenever new computer is connected in network, router ensures the proper communication.

The speed of router is measured by the amount of data per second that can be transferred across the network. This rate of data transfer is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). There are many types of routers having different features such as throughput, range, bands, QoS (Quality of Service).

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