Access Points

Wireless Access Point(WAP)

Wi-Fi access points (WAP) are small devices which facilitate wireless devices to be connected to a wired network by using Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi). It acts like a receiver as well as transmitter and is capable to receive wireless radio signals.

It provides network connectivity in workplace to help remain connected. It usually connects to a router and it can also be an integral component of the router itself.

The WAP acts as a bridge between your existing wired network and your wireless equipped computers. Now you can get extra benefits easily installed on your networking wireless setup, this is new technology and gain the freedom around the home or office without using cables.
Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Key Features

Wide Area Coverage at High Speeds
Wifi access points provide high speed and wide area coverage over an indoor up to 300 feet in radius and an outdoor area over 1,800 feet in radius.

Up to 128-bit Security Encryption

WAP is capable of encrypting and transmitted data on encrypted form and choose radio waves signal, this feature allows you to encrypt at 64-bits or 128-bits using a key that you enter yourself.

MAC Address Filtering

MAC address used for security purpose, you can set up a list of MAC addresses (unique client identifiers) that are allowed access to your wireless network. Every computer equipped with a wireless network adapter has its own MAC address. Network manager access to your network through the WAP is restricted to only those MAC addresses.

System Requirements

  • At least one computer equipped with an 802.11b compliant wireless Ethernet adapter.
  • TCP/IP networking protocol installed on each computer.


  • Home wireless networks.
  • WAPs provide wireless Internet in cafeterias, railway stations, airports.

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