Digital Video Recorder(DVR)

DVR is an electronic device that records video in a digital format to SD memory card, USB Flash Drive. The term includes set top boxes with direct to disk recording feature, recorders as camcorders that record onto secure digital memory cards enables video capture and playback to and from a disk drive.

Network Video Recorder(NVR)

A network video recorder (NVR) records video in a digital format to disk drive, SD memory card. NVR does not contains dedicated video capture hardware. Network video recorders takes its input from a network rather than a direct connection to tuner or video capture card.


NVR is the latest technology in security. It uses high speed network communication to transfer huge data of high quality recordings with high speed from cameras. NVRS are not susceptible to hackers, viruses, driver conflicts or external update failures.


  • It provides flexibility, simple operation and provides feature to record TV shows.
  • It also provides PAUSE/REWIND and REPLAY favourite moments.
  • Its recording capacity is upto 300 hours (depending on the DVR model).
  • HDTV provides recording capacity up to 60 hours (depending on the DVR model).

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