Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance system is a smart step to get secured as it provides the better level of security by monitoring the activities at the office, home, public places etc. It gives security against increasing number of thefts, snatching, robbery and other crime cases.

Ashtopus Technologies offers Video Surveillance System with wide range of DVRs/NVRs, Mobile DVR, IP Camera.
Video surveillance System

Video surveillance System is high security & protection solution to protect your business, office, home and any place. These 5-steps will guide you, where to place cameras, how to select the right camera, where to install the CCTV cameras, how to set up the network as well as how to integrate devices.

  • Integrating your surveillance solution with IP devices including third party hardware/software
  • Identifying areas needing surveillance
  • Choosing the right cameras
  • Installing cameras
  • Using an NVR for recording and monitoring

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