Telematics device is a system which records information about driving habits such as speed and distance drove and about quick brakes. Telematics is a method of monitoring a vehicle. Field of telematics encompasses telecommunications, road transportation, road safety,vehicular technologies. It provides integrated use of telecommunications and informatics for application in vehicles on the move.

The sciences between these technologies joined two concepts telecommunication & informatics that resulted in the field of telematics it’s also work as wireless telecommunications technologies.
Telematics Device System

We provide the best solutions to your biggest fleet management challenges and reduce labor cost and increase productivity safety and security of your vehicles.

Telecommunication networks easily widespread transferring data, regardless of where the computer is located. Integrated this tactics on moving vehicles (Truck, Bus and Van ) through the remotely access or a delivery van bus locations in real time, GPS units with onboard computers can use either GPRS (cell phone networks) or GPS (satellite constellations) to transfer real-time data to central offices for effective fleet management.

Benefits of Telematics

  • Improving productivity Minimizing risk
  • Promoting driver safety
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Creating better efficiency for your fleet
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Fleet Safety and Security
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Reduce Unauthorized Vehicle Use

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