Powerful Biometric Processor ASIC that performs enrollment, verification and identification. FPC2020 is an extremely small, fast and power efficient processor ASIC that acts as a biometric sub-system with a direct interface to FPC1011F3 fingerprint sensor as well as to an external flash memory for storing templates.


Thanks to its small size and low power consumption, it is suited for door locks, card readers and safes as well as smaller portable and battery-powered devices without compromising identification speed or performance.

FPC2020 can easily be integrated into virtually any biometric application and be controlled by a host sending basic commands for enrollment and verification via the serial interface. Fingerprint templates are created automatically and stored in flash memory connected to FPC2020. Templates used for verification can also be uploaded/downloaded to an external storage, e.g. central database, smart card or portable flash memory. The FPC2020 has no internal limitation to the number of templates it can handle; the size of external flash memory will set this limitation. FPC2020 connects directly to fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3.

FPC2020 is available in 2 package versions:

(i) FPC2020Q1 = 64 pin QFN
(ii) FPC2020Q2 = 80 pin TQFP


  • Extremely easy to integrate minimizing time-to-market
  • Supports area sensor FPC1011F3
  • One-To-One verification mode
  • One-To-Many identification mode
  • SPI interface to external FLASH for firmware and template storage
  • Straightforward serial command interface
  • Download/upload template functionality
  • Host interface: serial UART or SPI
  • Single supply 2.5 – 3.3 V
  • Power consumption down to 25 mA

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