Touch Fingerprint Sensor FPC1150

Compact CMOS fingerprint sensor

Touch Fingerprint Sensor FPC1150, the world´s first touch fingerprint sensor specifically developed for front mounted as a home button on the front side of an Android Smartphone or tablet.


FPC1150 is the latest miniature touch sensor with extensive enhancements on power consumption and user flexibility. Its elongated form allows 360-degree rotation, which enables maximum performance without compromising on design aesthetics.

FPC1150 improvement in sizing at a reduction of more than 50% as compared to FPC1020, still offers excellent 3D pixel sensing technology that reads virtually any finger: dry or wet. Coated with a robust surface that had been quality tested, it is capable of more than 10 million finger placements; FPC1150 allows comprehensive resistance towards daily abrasion.

FPC1150 has ultra-low power consumption at less than 5 mA which reduces power usage by 30% compared to the existing FPC1020 and FPC1021. By enhancing current FPC1020 SW, it allows fast and simple integration of FPC1150.

The touch fingerprint sensor capability combined with the small size of the FPC1150 offers excellent ease of use, enabling mobile device OEMs to use the FPC1150 as a home button for secure and convenient user verification.

The FPC1150 supports the Android™ and Windows™ operating systems.

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