Swipe Sensor

CMOS Fingerprint Swipe Sensor

Fingerprint swipe sensor FPC1080A, provides high image quality in a robust and compact package. Ideal for integrating into portable devices.


FPC1080A is a new compact low cost CMOS fingerprint swipe sensor recommended for the portable device segment, with very low power consumption, and hardware integrated support for not only regular image capture, but also for navigation (motion estimation) and automatic finger detection mechanisms.

FPC1080A features an attractive dark colored packaging, with a hard and durable surface coating. The sensors deliver superior 3D image quality, with 508 dpi high resolution and 256 gray scale values in every single pixel. This 3D sensing technology can read virtually any finger type.


  • Fingerprint swipe sensor
  • Hard and scratch resistant protective surface coating
  • Superior image quality
  • 3D image with 256 true gray scale values
  • 32 pin LGA package
  • High speed SPI interface
  • 1.8 volt operation
  • ~1 mA power consumption
  • 15kV ESD protection
  • 10 million wear cycles
  • RoHS compliant

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