Fingerprint Module

Compact CMOS fingerprint sensor

FPC-AM3 module is equipped with the robust fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3. The module acts as a biometric sub-system with onboard template storage. Integrating the FPC-AM3 module into a product drastically reduces time-to-market with its easy-to-integrate serial command interface and proven robust fingerprint sensor solution.


FPC-AM3 features the robust fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3 and biometric processor ASIC FPC2020. The sensor FPC1011F3 with its hard protective coating protects the sensor against ESD well above 30 kV, as well as scratches, impact and everyday wear-and-tear. The sensor FPC1011F3 with its 3D pixel sensing technology can read virtually any finger; dry or wet. The robust sensor assisted by the massive biometric processing power and low power consumption means that the module FPC-AM3 is the correct choice of biometric module for any embedded application.

FPC-AM3 can easily be integrated into virtually any application and be controlled by a host sending basic commands for enrolment and verification via the serial interface. FPC-AM3 comes preloaded with software and is ready to use at delivery. Fingerprint templates are automatically created and stored in the internal flash memory. Templates used for verification can also be imported from an external storage, e.g. central database, smart card or portable flash memory.

FPC-AM3 can be connected to a host via a board-to-board connector or by using a standard ribbon cable.


  • Biometric sub-system
  • Extremely easy to integrate minimizing time-to-market
  • Small size
  • Thick and hard protective sensor coating
  • One-To-One verification mode
  • One-To-Many identification mode
  • Onboard template storage (991 templates)
  • Straightforward serial command interface
  • Download/upload template functionality

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