FPC-SSD is used for evaluation and development of designs based on fingerprint swipe sensor FPC1080A. It includes all hardware and software needed to get started.


Swipe Sensor Development Kit FPC-SSD is used for testing, evaluation and initial development work with swipe sensor FPC1080A. FPC-SSD provides both USB-connected hardware and Windows based demo application for viewing sensor images in 3D, performing enrolments and verifications, and navigating with FPC1080A.

FPC-SSD can also be used for building your own biometric enabled Windows applications that uses the swipe sensor in the supplied housing. Demo software, USB-driver, reference code, algorithm LIB-file and full documentation is included on CD along with the sensor hardware and custom housing.

2 different sensor plastic housing tops are included. One is optimized for biometric applications and the other for navigiation applications.

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