Consists of 10 pcs swipe sensor FPC1080A mounted on an adapter board. This complete assembled product of FPC1080A and adapter board is called FPC-SSA and the kit containing 10 pcs is called FPC-SAK.


For building prototypes with FPC1080A use this swipe sensor kit called FPC-SAK. The swipe sensor FPC1080A is mounted on an adapter board having a 10 pin flex connector. This complete assembly is called FPC-SSA and eliminates the need to solder the swipe sensor during initial prototyping. 50 mm soft flex cable is also included with each unit.

FPC-SAK Swipe sensor
10 pcs FPC-SSA is packed together in a pilot kit called FPC-SAK.
Please note that no documentation or support is included in FPC-SAK.

Software Included
No software included
Hardware Included
(I) 10 x FPC-SSA

(II) 10 x soft flex cable (50 mm)

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