FPC-ASD is used for evaluation and development of designs based on fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3. It includes all hardware and software needed to get started.


Testing, evaluating and development work should be an easy process to minimize time-to-market. This fingerprint development kit is used for development and evaluation of designs using the fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3. FPC-ASD contains all hardware and software needed to get started. Just connect it to a PC via USB and use the provided FPC-ASD Demo Windows demonstration software. Capture 3D images from the fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3 and store on PC for further analysis. Image formats supported are RAW, BMP, BIR and FIR.

FPC-ASD can also be used as demonstration/evaluation unit performing biometric functions such as enrol, verify and identify. A LIB file for Windows PC is included based on the biometric DAD fingerprint algorithm.

Reference source code for communicating with FPC1011F3 via SPI is included and FPC-ASD also includes an ergonomic housing for the sensor FPC1011F3. Enclosed with the CD are 3D CAD drawings for sensor FPC1011F3 and reference ergonomic housing.

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