FPC-AMD3 Devkit

The fingerprint development kit FPC-AMD3 is used for development and evaluation of designs based on the components FPC1011F3, FPC2020 and the module FPC-AM3. It includes all hardware and software needed to get started.

FPC-AMD3 DevKit Prototyping


Testing, evaluating and development work should be an easy process to minimize time-to-market. FPC-AMD3 contains all hardware and software needed to get started. Just connect it to a PC and use the provided FPCore Serial Com Windows demonstration software that performs all commands available in the module FPC-AM3 and processor ASIC FPC2020. All source code of the FPCore Serial Com is provided as reference code (C++). FPC-AMD3 also includes an ergonomic housing for the fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3. Enclosed with the CD there are 3D CAD drawings for the sensor FPC1011F3 and the reference ergonomic housing.

Supports the following products:

  • Fingerprint Sensor FPC1011F3
  • Processor ASIC FPC2020
  • Biometric Module FPC-AM3

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