FPC-ACK Devkit

Component Kit consists of 5 sensors and 5 processor ASICs.


For building prototypes with sensor and processor ASIC use this component kit called FPC-ACK. It includes 5 pcs of the new robust fingerprint sensor FPC1011F3 and 5 pcs of the biometric processor ASIC FPC2020. Flex cables are also included for easy prototyping.

FPC-ACK is available in 2 versions with the difference being the choice of FPC2020 package version, either QFN (called FPC2020Q1) or TQFP (called FPC2020Q2).

The different FPC-ACK versions are called:

  • FPC-ACKQ1 = FPC1011F3 + FPC2020Q1 (QFN)
  • FPC-ACKQ2 = FPC1011F3 + FPC2020Q2 (TQFP)

Default choice when ordering online is the FPC-ACKQ2. If you wish to order FPC-ACKQ1, please contact sales first.
Please note that no documentation/support is included in FPC-ACK.

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