Access Control

Access control is a security technique that can be used to regulate which person is authorized to view or use resources. Access means authorization or permission. In offices at some places limited people are authorized to enter or exit. At some places such as home, family members controls the access by means of keys. But it is modified in form of access cards in businesses, offices etc.

Access Control System

Benefits of Access Control:

  • Day/Time restrictions: To give access for specific days and time to some of the employees.
  • Remote access control:Some companies offers work from home facility for which remote access control can be only given to them by authentication through access control mechanism.
  • Lost or stolen keys:If any key is lost or stolen then it is expensive process to rekey each door or drawer.
  • Audit trail:A record is maintained for each door accessibility by person which can be helpful in resolving time card disputes of employees.

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