Meizu has launched a new Flagship “Meilan Metal” smartphone, with Touch Fingerprint Sensor FPC1155.

Meizu Smartphone have been released previously showing us something with a “Full Metal phone”, meaning all durable and very solid. This new version Smartphone come with fingerprint scanner give ultimate experiences yet metal body with Capacitive sensor and fingerprint unlocking ready to rival in telecom market.

After the great success of Meizu’s with fingerprint sensor, In facts that Meizu’s embedded Fingerprint Cards AB touch sensor FPC1155 in MX5 and Pro 5 Smartphone, which launched at the previous year. Now Meizu, a Chinese OEM, is a returning customer, having recently selected an FPC sensor into its new version “Meilan Metal smartphone”.

FPC becomes a leading supplier of fingerprint scanning hardware for a wide range of smartphone OEMs. They would be a latest feature or part of smartphone makers, its work like as Apple’s Touch ID system.

Designed for rear-mounted button integration on mobile devices, the small-squared FPC1155 maintains the industry’s lowest power consumption, as well as offers 360-degree rotation and high sensitivity.

These factors enable FPC1155 to offer maximum performance with robust design; The FPC touch sensor also offers a navigation feature with 3D pixel sensing technology, fast response time and industry leading 3D rotation capability. The highlighted features are enabling it to read both dry and wet fingers. FPC fingerprint sensor technologies ensure a superior user experience and secure identity verification on mobile devices.

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