Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC)Sweden Company. Made famous by fingerprint touch Sensor, a lot of manufacturers add FPC fingerprint touch sensor features to their top-class Smartphones nowadays, and users have even come to expect it. Still, there are a few flagships out there that lack the feature, not to mention that there are countless other smartphones, which are not in the top-tier level, and don’t have a sensor.

It’s similar to the FPC fingerprint touch sensor found in tablet and PC. Validity had virtually the entire share of that market and continues to support FPC innovations.

Fingerprint Cards AB manufacturers many type of sensor as like touch, area and swipe, a person just has to place their finger on the sensor screen, where it is scanned and recognized. Analysts have noted that the placement of the scanner on the home button, a natural place for a finger to rest, makes it easier for consumers to warm up to it

In the age of smart technology, need for smart security FPC technology brings in a new layer of biometric security and privacy; fingerprint recognition technology hit mainstream awareness when Fingerprint Cards AB, Sweden(FPC) developed robust, capacitive touch sensor to make it its marquee feature on the smartphones that will be become basic feature and fast response of user action, millions of people were putting their finger on the home button to unlock their phone.

There will be several high-profile smartphones that will featuring with FPC fingerprint touch sensor, such as Coolpad Note 3, Meizu MX5, OnePlus 2, Honor 7 and Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P Android Marshmallow smartphones supporting APIs for FIngerprint Sensors to enable mobile payments, mobile authentication and other related functionalities.

The fingerprint scanner is also one of the new features that are making its way to budget and mid-range smartphones.One of the talking points of the smartphone is integrated FPC touch sensor inside the home button that the fingerprint sensor takes roughly about 0.48 seconds to unlock the smartphone, FPC touch sensor provides 3-D fingerprint authentication on your smartphones, You can also lock own Smartphone android apps but it depend on hardware limitations. You can scan your fingerprint and let you lock specific apps with it.

In last 2-3 months, around 15 smart phones have been launched in India with Fingerprint sensors and all of them were with sensors from Fingerprint Cards AB, Sweden ( FPC)

Ashtopus Technologies is supporting FPC to propogate their product to Indian OEMs. We will be happy to discuss the requirements of the OEMs at IFSEC.

IFSEC India provides an opportunity to its exhibitors and visitors to learn about the latest technology and industry trends and discover the best solutions of Free learning and development exhibition focused on Biometric security and other Security aspects to keep their business and clients secure amongst a showcase of FPC’s products.

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