As the Biometric Technology industry continues to deliver new technologies as like Fingerprint sensor, module processors for your Smartphone protection, we provide fingerprint touch sensor on affordable price. Thank you for your support of this growing of Biometric Solution in Smartphone’s.

The new technology promises to be more accurate, fast, too, which hopefully means fewer rejected Pins/Passwords. Fingerprint recognition technology — which has already been used in professional biometric security applications — can “penetrate the outer layers of skin, detecting three-dimensional details and unique fingerprint characteristics, including fingerprint ridges and sweat pores.” That detail should also make it harder for someone to never copy your fingerprint or un-break and more complex method of securing the phone.

We are optimistically looking forward to the coming year. Ashtopus Technologies is firmly central to the fingerprint touch sensors technology; we will be supporting worldwide predictions that there will be billions of Smartphone devices worldwide. It is also forecasted that many of those devices will be embedded with Capacitative touch Fingerprint Sensor, such as next-generation Smartphone; tablet .The company’s technology can also be used in IT and Internet Security, Access Control etc.

The growth of mobile devices and the explosive growth of the biometric fingerprint technology have accelerated both the market and application development of the Internet of Things. We read about smart homes, smart cities, and the much-discussed as some of the fields are seeing the implementation of Biometric-related technologies. In the coming year, ASHTOPUS is well prepared to tackle the ongoing transformations and adjustments that will continue to be challenges for telecom industry.

Again, thank you for your interesting to select Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) technology, sensor on the smartphone. We look forward to sharing and connecting with you throughout the New Year!

I wish you and your Families happy and healthy start to 2016. Have a peaceful time.