Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) introduce next generation biometric technology products and solutions working with fingerprint technology that can be used separately or combined; sensors, biometric processors and modules.

FPC has a robust quality three types of fingerprint sensors more accurate fingerprint identification system: touch, swipe and area sensors. In recent years, FPC’s touch sensors, high demand-able and primarily intended for the smartphone and tablet market. Their performance is also suitable to a number of other applications.

Fingerprint sensors are becoming a common-feature of flagship smartphones with an increasing number of mobile device OEMs. This included Huawei, Meizu, ZTE’s Axon , Nextbit, and Google Nexus. So far, all these Android-based devices have used FPC touch sensors. For these android devices, the sensor is being mounted on the Smartphone see image below.

FPC Fingerprint Sensor Advantage

FPC’s technology offers unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption and complete biometric systems.
FPC focuses on sensors with market leading system performance and a high processing rate, i.e. sensors with accompanying packaging, algorithms and software. FPC’s capacitive sensor technology constitutes the foundation for the company’s business vision & mission.
FPC will be the leading supplier of components and systems for fingerprint verification.
Beyond keys and PIN codes – FPC makes life easier through secure identity verification.
Business concept:
FPC develops and sells leading biometric products and solutions to companies that develop systems for security and convenience.
Benefits :
A Smartphone’s equipped with fingerprint sensors offers many benefits, including:
• Convenience
• Substitute for passwords and pin codes
• Payments via mobile devices
• Greater use of smartphones by business people
• Identification for connection to the Internet of things

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