Fingerprint Cards introduces FPC SenseTouch(TM)

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2017, BARCELONA. World-leading biometrics company Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints) is today expanding its portfolio of features with the new FPC SenseTouch(TM). The FPC SenseTouch feature adds another dimension to Fingerprints’ high-performance biometric fingerprint touch sensors, as it allows users to trigger activities using the pressure exerted with the finger.

“FPC SenseTouch enables fingerprint sensors to sense and respond to how hard the user is pressing. For example, with FPC SenseTouch, users can hard-press to open a message and soft-press to launch a specific app. This feature is optimal for one-handed operations and allows users to get more deeply involved in their apps in a brand-new way,”

says Lina Andolf-Orup, Product Marketing Manager at Fingerprints.

Fingerprints is continuously developing and launching new features that are beneficial to both end-users and smartphone manufacturers. With the introduction of FPC SenseTouch, Fingerprints has a total of eight features available in the market.

“We see that consumer adoption of fingerprint technology is paving the way for new user cases where the fingerprint sensor will bring additional value. We continuously work on developing new innovative solutions and, by introducing new features, we demonstrate our competitive edge as the market leader,” says Lina Andolf-Orup.

Fingerprints’ full portfolio of features includes the following:

FPC SenseTouch(TM) – Sensing the pressure of your finger. Another dimension is added to the sensor when it senses how hard you press to trigger activities more simply and let you get into your apps in a new way.

FPC OneTouch® – One touch and you’re on. With virtually no power consumption, this feature can be at your service all the time letting you unlock your device with a simple touch.

FPC QuickTouch(TM) – The fastest unlock you’ve ever done. It takes as little as 0.15 seconds to verify your fingerprint and trigger activities like unlocking a device, opening applications or confirming payments.

FPC SafeTouch® – Safe to say it’s state of the art. Anti-spoofing has never been better and this solution adds an extra level of security to your device and applications.

FPC MoveTouch® – Moving up a notch. Your biometric sensor is not just for identification. This feature lets you intuitively navigate, scroll, swipe and set up smart short-cuts with your fingertips.

FPC 360Touch(TM) – Your touch from any angle. Allows the sensor to read and match your fingerprint from any angle with the same accuracy, precision and performance.

FPC TouchNroll(TM) – Easy and fast set up. With only a few quick touches, you are enrolled and can start using the fingerprint sensor to unlock and verify yourself on your device.

FPC EvoTouch(TM) – Evolving along with you. With every touch, our self-learning algorithm keeps learning more about you, adapting to your changing finger conditions, for example, cuts and seasonal changes.