FPCBM Module

FPC-BM Biometric Module

The FPC-BM Biometric Module is a standalone, compact biometric fingerprint solution with a robust FPC fingerprint sensor, biometric processor and on-board template storage. Preloaded with software and ready to use at delivery, integrating the FPC-BM into a product as a biometric sub-system can greatly reduce time-to-market with an easy-to-integrate serial command interface and optional host CPU connection.

General description

As a standalone biometric solution, FPC-BM offers onboard template storage and one-to-few verification. Integrating the FPC-BM can drastically reduce time-to-market, with an easy-to-integrate serial command interface and proven robust fingerprint sensor solution. FPC fingerprint sensors come with a protective coating which can withstand ESD well above 30 kV, as well as scratches, impact, and everyday wear and-tear.
FPC-BM can easily be integrated into virtually any application as an embedded solution. The biometric module can optionally be controlled by a host CPU, which sends basic commands for enrolment and verification via the serial interface. Fingerprint templates are automatically created and stored in the internal flash memory. FPC-BM comes pre-loaded with software and is ready to use at delivery.
 Compact standalone biometric module
 Embedded fingerprint verification solution
 Easy to integrate minimizing time-to-market
 Protective sensor coating, scratch and ESD resistant
 Download / upload template functionality
 One-To-few verification mode
 2 command interfaces: SPI / UART
 Command and electrical interfaces retro-compatible with FPC-AM3
Hardware included:
One of the following fingerprint sensors:
FPC1020AM standard
FPC1020AM IP67 (waterproof and dustproof)
PCB with biometric processor and template storage


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