The FPC’s leading biometric technology is again fingerprint recognition. The Size of Fingerprint reader or sensor, mostly in the form of solid-state sensor, continues to shrink, making it possible to easily embed them in mobile device and other application device.
Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) leading manufacturer/developer of capacitive FPC touch sensor based on Biometric Fingerprint recognition or fingerprint authentication; fingerprint recognition technology refers to the automated method of identify individuals and verify their identity.

These days the smartphone manufacturers are also trying to manufacture their devices more secure with the inclusion of fingerprint scanner (FPC) to their Smartphone, FPC touch sensor support 360-degree rotation in Flagship, Marshmallow Smartphone.

Fingerprint Verification

On Average, people unlock their smartphone around 100 times a days, Now you can skip the crazy passwords and access your phone with a touch of your fingertip.

FPC touch sensor innovative features like that can unlock the device in just 0.5 seconds. Fingerprint sensor can be mounted on the device Front, Rear or Right edge area. It’s a useful feature that allows for quick unlocking and concerns smartphone security, protection & privacy.

Why Need Fingerprint Sensor?

Fingerprint biometric sensor presents a cost effective way of realize identity authentication not only for replacing PINs or Passwords on a mobile device but also for integration of users identity and compatible with online payments making the smartphone a completely secured one.

Advantage of Fingerprint Sensor

•Very high accuracy
•Is the most economical biometric user authentication technique
•Easy & Convenience to use
•Small storage space required for the biometric template, reducing the size of the database memory required
•It is standardized

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