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Capacitive Fingerprints Sensors & Modules

Over the past few years there has been a massive shift towards the “touch and sense” technology. The technology is not only futuristic but also aims to ease the life of a consumer. Fingerprint recognition technology is being consumed widely and has a great scope in the future and it’s used in variety of applications.

Optical Scanners

One of the most common types of fingerprint scanners is the optical scanner. These scanners use an LED bulb to illuminate the finger while sensors detect and create the print image by determining the light and dark areas created by the ridges of your finger. Because optical scanners use light technology to create the image, certain external factors may reduce the accuracy of the print. For example, stray light from another source may render the print inaccurate. Optical sensors can be affected by a number of real life factors such as stray light, surface contamination or even prior fingerprint impressions present on the sensor surface. Hence, it is essential to clean the fingerprint reader glass on a regular basis for optimal performance.

Capacitive Scanner

scanner does, a capacitive finger scanner’s sensors generate a complex pattern of electrical currents, which are processed to form a digital image of the fingerprint. Because the capacitive scanner requires the physical presence of the human finger in order to generate the image, it is more difficult to fool than an optical device. Another benefit of capacitive sensing fingerprint readers is that they are more compact and thus easy to integrate into portable devices.

All FPC’s sensors are based on patented proprietary technology, which offers several strong advantages such as superior high image quality, programmable pixel elements and 256 gray scale values from every single pixel element. The sensors contain small capacitive plates, each with their own electrical circuit embedded in the chip. The sensors use FPC own method HSPA (High Sensitive Pixel Amplifier) which allows each pixel element in the sensor to detect very weak signal, which improves image quality for all types of fingers. Faint electrical charges,

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