QiKu Smartphones brand with FPC Touch Sensors

FPC1025 Touch Fingerprint Sensor in QiKu Smartphones brand “Professional”, “Flagship” and “Young”

August 31, 2015

QiKu, a Qihoo 360 smartphone brand, announced three Android smartphones, “Professional version”, “Flagship version” and “Young version”, all featuring FPC’s touch fingerprint sensor FPC1025.

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FPC1145 in Honor 7i Smartphone.png

Huawei Smartphone Company integrated FPC’s Touch Fingerprint Sensor FPC1145 in Honor 7i Smartphone

August 20, 2015

Today Huawei has released its Honor 7i Android Smartphone, which features Fingerprint Cards (FPC) touch fingerprint sensor FPC1145.

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Protecting Your Child with Sexual Abuse

Child Abuse Basic Information Helps to Protecting Your Child with Sexual Abuse

August 19, 2015

Ashtopus Technologies introduce a compression approach to a school student’s by AshCare, AshCare student safety solutions make secure, learning and developing environments for your child and taking best decisions their potential without getting impacted by social evils like Child Sexu

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Video Surveillance System for Women Security

Make Public Transport Safer and Secure for Women, by Deploying Onboard Video Surveillance System

August 17, 2015

In today’s era women safety and security, became a major concern for the state governments, because rarely 15% women feel safe in public transport vehicles.

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What Happens by Beacons Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing Techniques are Better Than Traditional Marketing

August 12, 2015

In today’s newest innovation in IT technology, new generation marketing solutions are evolving that runs over digital medium. Thanks to mobile technology which created and provided platform to people for fast communication and to remain connected.

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FPC1155 touch sensors in ZUK's smartphone Z1

ZUK’s Smartphone Z1 Integrates FPC’s Touch Sensor FPC1155

August 12, 2015

In the latest news, ZUK announced the integration of FPC1155 in its smartphone Z1 featuring fast, secure and user verification convenience.

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Onboard Video Surveillance System devices

Onboard Video Surveillance System help to Create a Safer, Secure Environment in Public Transit Vehicles

August 10, 2015

Ashtopus bring one of the biggest security opportunities in transportation through next generation video surveillance technology solutions for buses and trains.

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Benefits of RFID Technology

Top Ten Benefits of RFID Technology Solutions

August 7, 2015

RFID(Radio frequency identification) is a generic term of wireless technologies that use radio waves signal to automatically trace and identify people or objects on several ways , but the most common to attached a microchip and antenna on the objects (the chip and the antenna together are called

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Fingerprint Touch Sensors in Smartphone

Top Ten Reasons Why FPC’s Touch Fingerprint Sensors Are Better than Others?

August 6, 2015

FPC leading company in biometric technologies offers variety of fingerprint recognition products and solutions in Global market.
FPC offers a portfolio of high quality robust Touch fingerprint sensors with durable scratch resistant coating.

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Onbaord Wi-Fi Network Solution

Access Internet While Traveling on Public Transport Buses

August 4, 2015

We all know how much the internet has importance in our lives. There are numerous uses of internet, such as obtaining information, communicating with others and keeping updated information. It is used in many fields such as business, pharmaceutical, fashion, education, etc.

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